Announcement from Nic Farey:

A crack team has been assembled to bid for Corflu 31, 2014.

It's been noted by many that the eastern part of the US has not been well-served by Corflu locations over the last several years, so with that in mind, a distributed team has virtually assembled to redress this omission.

A proposal to hold the 2014 Corflu in Richmond, VA will be presented to the Business Meeting at Corflu XXX (Boomchikawawa) . Our venue is the Holiday Inn Koger Conference Center (also home to RavenCon) and our suggested dates are May 2-5 2014.

The team consists of Nic Farey and Ken Forman (co-chairs), John Nielsen Hall (Treasurer, UK Agent) and Randy Byers (Assistant Treasurer, US Agent). Also on staff are Warren Buff, Aileen Forman, Nathan Madison and Curt Phillips.

Corflu progress report and new flyer

In case you haven't seen this elsewhere the first Corflu XXX progress report is now available as a PDF at Along with all the useful information you'd expect it has articles by Andy Hooper, Graham Charnock, Robert Lichtman, Curt Phillips, and yours truly, as well as much hilarious badinage and story-telling from Chairman Dan Steffan, not to mention rare and unusual artwork from ATom, Grant Canfield, Ray Nelson, Bill Rotsler, Steve Stiles, and Harry Bell.

Dan has also just posted a new flyer at the same location, and it's definitely worth a gander. It's a beaut.

Hope to see you all at the convention, which is in Portland, Oregon on May 3-5, 2013.

Latest Corflu XXX auction

Andy Hooper writes: '30 more fanzines up for auction eBay under the title [Corflu 30]. The sublime Steve Stiles sent me a package of great stuff and I already have it listed, including THE EXPURGATED BOOB STEWART, DOUBLE WHAMMY #2, FOOFERAW #6, ICE AGE #4, WEEKEND SHACK-UP and several more. This will be the last set of auctions before I take a short break for the holidays, but I'll be back with more after January 1st. We've done famously well so far; in just over 2 months, we've already raised $2,000. Thanks again to everyone who has bid or donated materials!'

Further Corflu XXX auctioning

Mr. Andrew P. Hooper writes: "Posted 26 more auctions of fanzines on eBay, under the title [Corflu 30]. This time I have a swirl of Sercon zines, including Ed Mesky's TOLKIEN JOURNAL, issues of RICHARD E GEIS and THE ALIEN CRITIC, two very nice issues of ALGOL, 6 issues of SF COMMENTARY, and THE NEW CAPTAIN GEORGE'S WHIZZBANG #14! Also, a PB copy of ALL OUR YESTERDAYS, two very rare pieces of Tolkienia donated by the generous Hildisfon Took, and a very unusual piece of juvenile ephemera from Steven King. Cheggidout, Daddy-o!"

Another Corflu XXX fanzine auction

Andy Hooper writes again: "Hello Fellow Fen! Another 32 fanzines and fanzine-related items are up for auction on eBay this week. Some highlights: Science Fiction Five Yearly #12, complete with unuused mailing envelope; The 1978 Pghlangecon X GoH art portfolio, featuring Phil Foglio and Rick Sternbach; Cry the Beloved Fanthology, the 2009 Corflu anthology of Seattle's famous clubzine CRY OF THE NAMELESS; and a scattering of obscure apazines by writers like Deb Notkin, Arthur Hlavaty and doug barbour, almost all items I have never seen at any auction before. Oh, and three-issue lots of Terry Hughes great fanzine MOTA. Go grab some of these bargains -- search for [Corflu 30] on eBay."

Corflu XXX auction

Corflu XXX logoAndy Hooper writes: "I've finally begun listing items for auction on eBay in order to raise money for Corflu XXX next May. Search for items with the phrase [Corflu 30] in the title. Right now I have 18 lots listed, almost all of them fanzines published some time in the past 30 years. To me, the prizes of the group are 9 issues of Jerry Kaufman and Suzle Tompkins' fanzine MAINSTREAM, all in one lot for a minimum bid of $4.99. I've intentionally started with common fanzines and less valuable items, in the assumption that we'll build momentum as I gather more donations from generous friends of Corflu."
Geri 2014

FAAn Award Results

Best Website:, hosted by Bill Burns

Harry Warner, Jr. Memorial Award Best Letterhack: Robert Lichtman

Best Perzine: A Meara for Observers, Mike Meara

Best Single Issue or Anthology: Alternative Pants, by Randy Byers

Best Fan Artist: Steve Stiles

Best Fan Writer: Mark Plummer

Best Genzine or Collaboration: Banana Wings, Mark Plummer & Claire Brialey, editors

# 1 Fan Face: Mark Plummer